2019 Reese's Senior Bowl Preview: Position by Position Breakdown

Senior Bowl week is here, and SportsTalkLine will be on site for the week of practices, player interviews, and information on team meetings. Before we get to Mobile, let's take an overall look at some of the top players at each position who will be representing their respected college programs in Mobile, Alabama this week in the 2019 Reese's Senior Bowl.


2019 Reese's Senior Bowl Preview: Position by Position Breakdown 1

Similar to last year, the QB class in Mobile is absolutely loaded. Headlined by Duke's Daniel Jones, West Virginia's Will Grier, and Missouri Drew Lock, the group has three of the top QB's in the entire draft class in Mobile all week. While the three guys listed above have the biggest names, don't sleep on Buffalo's Tyree Jackson who was a late addition to the Senior Bowl when he surprisingly left school early to enter the draft as a redshirt junior. All four of the top QB's in Mobile, have impressive size, arm talent, and have put up very impressive numbers at their respected programs.

Daniel Jones - Duke - QB - RS Junior

  • 6'5" 220-lbs
  • Three-year starter at Duke University
  • Career Passing Stats: 59.9 career completion percentage, 8,201 passing yards, 6.4 yards per attempt, 52 passing touchdowns, 29 interceptions, 122.9 passer rating.
  • Career Rushing State: 406 carries, 1,323 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns,
  • Physical specimen, with impressive arm talent. Impressive rushing quarterback who had success both throwing and running the football at Duke. Inconsistency in ball placement, accuracy, and decision making will be questions scouts want to see improvements on in Mobile.

Drew Lock - Missouri - QB - Senior

  • 6'3" 225-lbs
  • Three and half year starter at Missouri
  • Career Passing State: 56.9 completion percentage, 12,193 passing yards, 7.9 yards per attempt, 99 passing touchdowns, 39 interceptions, 138.8 passer rating
  • Career Rushing Stats: 202 carries, 437 rushing yards, 9 rushing touchdowns
  • Another physically impressive quarterback with a very strong-arm when throwing down the field. Though it's inconsistent, has shown the ability to be pin-point accurate. Has struggled to deal with pressure, and makes awful decisions when under pressure.

Will Grier - West Virginia - QB - Senior

  • 6'1" 215-lbs
  • Two-year starter at West Virginia
  • Career Passing Stats (WVU): 65.7 completion percentage,  7,354 passing yards, 9.4 yards per attempt, 71 passing touchdowns, 20 interceptions, 169.2 passer rating
  • Career Rushing Stats (WVU): 111 carries, 32 yards, 5 touchdowns
  • Will "The Thrill" Grier is exactly that, a thrill to watch. At times, Grier looks like a sure-fire first-round prospect due to his impressive arm talent, ability to throw on the run, and accuracy down the field. At other times, he looks like an undraftable player due to his decision making, struggles with pressure, and struggles reading defenses.

Tyree Jackson - Buffalo - QB - RS Junior

  • 6'7" 245-lbs
  • Three-year starter at Buffalo
  • Career Passing Stats: 55.8 completion percentage, 6,999 passing yards, 7.3 yards per attempt, 49 passing touchdowns, 24 interceptions, 129.3 passer rating
  • Career Rushing Stats: 201 carries, 757 rushing yards, 16 rushing touchdowns
  • Tyree Jackson checks all the boxes but is still extremely raw in terms of being an NFL passer. Jackson possesses a huge arm, can be extremely accurate and has shown the ability to extend plays with his size, and pocket mobility. Improvements on his lower body mechanics will be something that will be huge for Tyree in Mobile.

Running Backs

Bruce Anderson - RB

This running back group isn't sexy by any means, but there are a few guys who will make themselves some money this week in Mobile. Washington's Myles Gaskin, North Dakota State's Bruce Anderson, and Notre Dame's Dexter Williams headline the group, and will be exciting to watch in practices.

Myles Gaskin - Washington - RB - Senior 

  • 5'10" 193-lbs
  • Career Rushing Stats: 945 carries, 5,323 rushing yards, 5.6 yards-per-carry, 57 rushing touchdowns
  • Career Receiving Stats: 65 receptions, 465 receiving yards, 5 receiving touchdowns
  • Myles Gaskin is a fun back to evaluate due to his speed, vision, elusiveness, and home run hitting ability. Gaskin will look to show improvements in blitz pickup, and really show his receiving abilities that were severely underutilized at Washington at the Senior Bowl.

Bruce Anderson - North Dakota State - RB - Senior

  • 5'11" 210-lbs
  • Career Rushing Stats: 486 carries, 2,896 rushing yards, 6.0 yards-per-carry, 24 rushing touchdowns
  • Career Receiving Stats: 32 receptions, 448 receiving yards, 7 receiving touchdowns
  • Though his stats may say otherwise, Bruce Anderson is a guy I can see having a much bigger impact in the NFL than he did at NDSU. Anderson is a great receiver, runner between, and outside the tackles, and brings a special teams value to the NFL that can't go unnoticed.

Dexter Williams - Notre Dame - QB - Senior

  • 5'11" 205-lbs
  • Career Rushing Stats: 257 carries, 1,636 rushing yards, 6.4 yards-per-carry, 20 rushing touchdowns
  • Career Receiving Stats: 22 receptions, 162 receiving yards, 2 receiving touchdowns
  • Dexter Williams finally got to blossom as Notre Dame's lead back in 2018, and he did not disappoint. Williams runs with great vision, burst, and plenty of tread left on the tires. Williams has some off-the-field issues that teams will want to get answers on, but Williams will certainly be a guy to keep an eye on in Senior Bowl practices and games.

Wide Receivers

Hunter Renfrow - WR

A lot of the wide receiver talent in Mobile this week will come out of the slot. Clemson's Hunter Renfrow, UMass's Andy Isabella, Georgia State's Penny Hart, Marshall's Tyre Brady, and South Carolina's Deebo Samuel are the four names that pop out to me out of this group.

Hunter Renfrow - Clemson - WR - RS Senior

  • 5'10" 185-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 186 receptions, 2,133 receiving yards, 11.5 yards per reception, 15 touchdowns
  • Production has never been something Hunter Renfrow put up in Clemson's offense, but consistently getting open, and picking up the tough yards on third down is. Renfrow is a savvy route runner out of the slot, with reliable hands, and an impressive catch radius for his size.

Andy Isabella - UMass - WR - Senior

  • 5'10" 190-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 231 receptions, 3,526 receiving yards, 15.3 yards per reception, 30 touchdowns
  • Unlike Renfrow, Andy Isabella has put up impressive numbers at UMass in his four years with the team. Isabella is another smaller, slot receiver that knows how to create easy separation in all three levels of the field. Isabella has great hands, tracks the ball well through the air, and picks up a ton of yards after the catch. Isabella will look to prove himself against tough competition with a good week at the Senior Bowl.

Penny Hart - Georgia State - WR - Senior

  • 5'8" 180-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 203 receptions, 2,960 receiving yards, 14.6 yards per reception, 19 touchdowns
  • Like the two guys listed above him, Penny Hart role will best be served in the slot at the next level due to his lack of size. Hart gets open with ease in all three levels of the field and even had success lined up on the outside at Georgia State. Hart has great hands, impressive speed after the catch, and does a great job of being physical when asked to contribute in the blocking game.

Tyre Brady - Marshall - WR - RS Senior 

  • 6'3" 205-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 133 receptions, 1,944 receiving yards, 14.6 yards per reception, 17 touchdowns
  • Unlike the names listed above him, Tyre Brady wins on the outside due to his physical traits, ball skills at the catch point, and ability to win vertically with his size and speed. Brady possesses great body control at the catch point, and rarely gets displaced when in the air playing the ball. Ability to beat press coverage is in part to his clean releases off the line of scrimmage, due to his clean/crisp footwork.

Deebo Samuel - South Carolina - WR - RS Senior 

  • 6'0" 215-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 148 receptions, 2,076 receiving yards, 14.0 yards per reception, 16 touchdowns
  • Deebo Samuel is already one of the top receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft. Samuel is a very good route runner that uses his quick feet, body nuances, and ball skills to haul in the contested catch to find success both in the slot and lined up on the outside. Samuel's biggest issue at South Carolina was staying healthy, but with a great week in Mobile, backed by a great senior season, should all but solidify Samuel as a top 8-10 receiver in the 2019 draft class.

Tight End

Donald Parham - TE

The TE position in Mobile is going to be a fun one. Of the three guys I'm most looking forward to seeing, all of them are small schools guys. San Jose State's Josh Oliver, Stetson's Donald Parham, and Utah State's Dax Raymond are the three tight ends that I predict will make the most noise this week in practices.

Josh Oliver - San Jose State - TE - Senior

  • 6'5" 255-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 98 receptions, 1,067 receiving yards, 12.7 yards per reception, 7 touchdowns
  • While the production is a bit of concern, the tape shows reason to believe the best is yet to come for Josh Oliver. With ideal measurables, Oliver possesses an impressive catch radius and impressive ball skills which projects him as an intriguing receiver at the next level. Oliver has had experience and success as a run blocker, and pass protector in San Jose State's offense, and has the size and athleticism to continue to develop in that area of his game.

Donald Parham - Stetson - TE - Senior

  • 6'8" 240-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 180 receptions, 2,591 receiving yards, 14.4 yards per reception, 20 touchdowns
  • Donald Parham possesses insane measurables and length, which provides him with a freakish catch radius. A mismatch nightmare at the next level due to his ability to play with his length and athleticism. Shows zero issues catching the football down the field, away from his frame, and at the contested catch point. Parham will serve as a big slot-receiver at the next level due to his ball skills, reliable hands, and freakish size/athleticism. Parham needs to prove himself against better competition and prove that his success at Stetson, was not just a product of lesser competition.

Dax Raymond - Utah State - TE - Senior 

  • 6'5" 250-lbs
  • Career Receiving Stats: 72 receptions, 873 receiving yards, 12.1 yards per reception, 3 touchdowns
  • Similar to Josh Oliver, Dax Raymond's tape shows plenty of reasons to believe that we have yet to see the best version of Dax Raymond. Raymond has impressive hands, ball skills, and showcased the ability to snatch the football out of the air with ease. Raymond showed the ability to block both in-line and from an H-back position at Utah State. Raymond is my top rated TE heading into the Senior Bowl, and a great week down in Mobile could certainly bump him up in scout's eyes.

Offensive Line

Andre Dillard - OT

This offensive line group isn't as strong as last year's group that gave us UTEP's Will Hernandez and Georgia's Isaiah Wynn, but this group does have a name or two I'm really excited about. Washington State's Andre Dillard is one of the top senior offensive tackles in this class, and really has a great opportunity to get himself into round one talks with a dominant week in Mobile. Kansas State's OT Dalton Risner and Wisconsin's OG Michael Dieter are also big names who need a big week to solidify themselves.

Andre Dillard - Washington State - OT - Senior

  • 6'5" 305-lbs
  • Andre Dillard has all the tools to be extremely successful at the next level. From his athleticism, flexibility, and clean footwork in his pass sets, to his strength, pad level, and explosiveness in his run blocking Dillard has all the traits to be the NFL's next best offensive tackle. Dillard has the size, length, hand strength, and athleticism to find himself as one of the top offensive tackles drafted in the 2019 Draft.

Dalton Risner - Kansas State - OT - Senior 

  • 6'5" 308-lbs
  • Dalton Risner is a nasty SOB, and I can't wait to watch him perform this week at practices against Charles Omenihu, Zach Allen, and Sutton Smith. Risner plays with tremendous strength in his upper and lower half and hand strength is one of his best traits. While Risner's struggles mainly come in pass protection, he will need to prove he's improved in that aspect of the game against the talented rushers on the North team.

Michael Dieter - Wisconsin - OG - Senior 

  • 6'6" 320-lbs
  • Michael Dieter possesses excellent size, strength, and athleticism to be a dominant interior offensive lineman at the next level. Dieter dominates at the point of attack with impressive strength in his arms and hands to control defensive lineman with ease. Dieter also has the functional athleticism to get to the second level and complete remove linebackers from the play. Has experience playing both offensive tackle and offensive guard, but his best tape came when lined up on the interior at Wisconsin.

Defensive Line

Jaylon Ferguson - EDGE

There's an exciting blend of EDGE rushers and interior defensive lineman performing at the Senior Bowl this week. The different types of defensive lineman we'll see this week will be a ton of fun to watch. We'll see some guys who win with speed, some with strength, and some with technique. Louisiana Tech's Jaylon Ferguson, Mississippi State's Montez Sweat, and Old Dominion's Oshane Ximines are all going to be fantastic viewings this week due to their ability to rush the passer and win in a variety of ways.

Jaylon Ferguson - Louisiana Tech - EDGE - RS Senior

  • 6'5" 260-lbs
  • Career Stats: 50 games, 45.0 sacks, 67.5 tackles for loss, 187 total tackles, 6 passes defended, 7 forced fumbles
  • Jaylon Ferguson is a freak. His blend of athleticism and size make him a matchup nightmare at the next level. Ferguson greatly improved on his run defense in 2018, while also leading the nation in sacks with 17.5. Ferguson is one of the most productive college football EDGE rushers of all time and will get a week to prove himself in Mobile against tougher tackle competition.

Montez Sweat - Mississippi State - EDGE - Senior

  • 6'5" 240-lbs
  • Career Stats (Mississippi State): 26 games, 22.5 sacks, 30.0 tackles for loss, 101 total tackles, 1 forced fumble
  • Montez Sweat is a two-year starter at Mississippi State after transferring from Michigan State in 2016. Sweat has great length, size, and an explosive first step that allows him to win off the snap. Sweat has active hands in both the running game and when rushing the passer to get off blocks with ease. Sweat plays much stronger than his 240-lb listed playing weight in the run game and is able to set a strong edge using his impressive hand strength and shedding ability. Sweat's ability to both affect the quarterback and defend the run will make him one of the top EDGE rushers taken in the 2019 draft.

Oshane Ximines - Old Dominion - EDGE - RS Senior 

  • 6'3" 245-lbs
  • Career Stats: 50 games, 32.5 sacks, 51.0 tackles for loss, 176 total tackles, 12 passes defended, 11 forced fumbles
  • Oshane Ximines is a small-school passer rusher that had a ton of success rushing the passer while receiving a ton of attention. Ximines relies on his technique to win against opposing offensive tackles due to his lack of speed, and tightness in his hips and legs. Ximines is a technician with his hands and showcased multiple pass rush moves at ODU. Ximines has a motor with no off switch and rushes with a relentless nature that NFL coaching will love. If the former ODU pass rusher can show up against the top senior OT's in the class, his draft stock will continue to rise.


Germain Pratt - LB

There are a lot of intriguing names that will be participating in this year's Senior Bowl. The three I want to highlight today are West Virginia David Long Jr., North Carolina State's Germaine Pratt, and Alabama's Christian Miller. These three guys bring three totally different playing styles to the table and will put that on display this week in Mobile.

David Long - West Virginia - LB - RS Junior

  • 5'11" 2250-lbs
  • Career Stats: 33 games, 12.5 sacks, 39.5 tackles for loss, 246 total tackles, 10 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles
  • David Long is such a fun evaluation. When turning on his tape, you'll see just how quick he is when running the football. Long is one of the best gap shooting linebackers I have ever evaluated in college football. Long's ability to get skinny when working through the line of scrimmage and blow up plays in the backfield in insanely impressive. Long has good speed, block shedding abilities, and is a very consistent tackler in the open field.

Germaine Pratt - North Carolina State - LB - Senior

  • 6'3" 245-lbs
  • Career Stats: 47 games, 6.0 sacks, 17.0 tackles for loss, 235 total tackles, 9 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles
  • North Carolina State continues to pump defensive talent into the NFL, and linebacker Germaine Pratt is next up on the list. Pratt is a big, rangy inside linebacker that can cover a ton of ground when asked to run sideline-to-sideline in the open field. Pratt is a former safety, that has a good nose for the ball, and is one of the more consistent tacklers in the guys that I have evaluated so far. Pratt's coverage skills will be put to test in practices at the Senior Bowl, which is something he desperately needed to improve on before April.

Christian Miller - Alabama - OLB - RS Senior

  • 6'3" 240-lbs
  • Career Stats: 28 games, 11.0 sacks, 15.5 tackles for loss, 56 total tackles, 2 passes defended, 0 forced fumbles
  • The production questions surrounding Christian Miller will be brought up, but likely shot down rather quickly. Miller, unlike the other guys listed above, will primarily serve as a 3-4 OLB and do his best work when asked to rush the passer. Miller showcased good bend, burst, and technique at Alabama. While nothing Miller does really "wows" you, Miller is a very consistent player that can be effective when asked to rush the passer but does a really nice job playing the run as well. Miller also has added value on special teams, and will likely make a ton of noise in Mobile.

Defensive Backs

Kris Boyd - CB

This is a very talented defensive back group. From top end talent to middle round depth, this Senior Bowl group will have a high percentage of its players drafted come April. Texas' Kris Boyd, Penn State's Amani Oruwariye, and Delaware's Nasir Adderley are the three DB's were going to take a look at today.

Kris Boyd - Texas - CB - Senior 

  • 6'0" 195-lbs
  • Career Stats: 45 games, 3 interceptions, 35 passes defended, 6.5 tackles for loss, 172 total tackles, 3 forced fumbles
  • Kris Boyd is a sticky cover corner that has ideal size, length, and strength to hold up on the boundary in man-coverage. Boyd's an excellent run defender that steps up in plays the run with great tenacity and consistency as a tackler. Athleticism shows up when having to recover, and playing the ball in the air. Boyd struggled finishing interceptions at Texas, so improvements in the ball skill area will need to get better at the next level. Has some versatility as a safety as well due to his ability to play the run, and instincts playing with the play in front of him.

Amani Oruwariye - Penn State - CB - RS Senior 

  • 6'1" 204-lbs
  • Career Stats: 38 games, 8 interceptions, 20 passes defended, 1.0 tackles for loss, 106 total tackles, 1 forced fumble
  • The size, the ball production, and the coverage skills fly off the tape when watching Amani Oruwariye's tape at Penn State. Oruwariye's length, physicality, and ball skills fly off the tape at Penn State and is one of the reasons he's one of the top senior CB's in this draft class. Oruwariye has success when asked to press and when playing off coverage due to his great instincts. Oruwariye is going to have a tremendous week at the Senior Bowl using his size, length, and coverage skills to completely dominant in one-on-ones and team drills.

Nasir Adderley - Delaware - FS - Senior

  • 5'11" 205-lbs
  • Career Stats: 38 games, 10 interceptions, 31 passes defended, 1.0 tackles for loss, 226 total tackles, 0 forced fumble
  • Nasir Adderley is the top senior safety in the 2019 draft class and could be the top safety drafted in the NFL Draft. Adderley has impressive ball skills, instincts, and coverage skills playing as a versatile safety in Delaware's defense. Adderley is an impressive sideline-to-sideline run defender with great speed, wrap up ability, and instincts both playing the run and the pass. Adderley is an extremely physical player, that also possesses great speed and athleticism as a single-high safety. A great week down in Mobile, could all but solidify Nasir Adderley as the S1 in this draft class.
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