RB Darrell Henderson Jr. NFL Draft Profile – Memphis

Henderson is a pocket rocket, who will take him in the draft? Find out in our draft profile.

Darrell Henderson Jr.

Class Year: Junior
DOB – 8/19/1997
Height – 5’9″ Weight – 200 lbs
Twitter: @DarrellH8


Incredible agility and slipperiness to work thru the defensive line. He is confident and never takes a backward step. His hard-running style, coupled with patience at the line will make him a respected opponent in the NFL. He is incredibly balanced and knows how to pick the right gap to run through.  One of the toughest guys to tackle.


He needs to work on his pass protection, it is limited to non-existent. He doesn’t have a lot of leg drive, instead relies on being elusive in the box.


Image result for Darrell henderson gif

#8 Darrell Henderson makes a darting run between defenders and is away.

Pro Comparison:

Kareem Hunt

Overall Review:

Henderson had an incredible junior year with the Tigers. He amassed 1909 rushing yards from 214 attempts and 295 receiving yards from 19 catches. His 25 touchdowns were the encouragement he needed to enter this year’s draft.

Would work best in a rotation system with a stable group of backs. He probably won’t be a standout RB1, but can work on this in the big league.

Could go ask high as late first round to the Chiefs.

YouTube Highlights:



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