Montez Sweat - EDGE

EDGE Montez Sweat NFL Draft Profile – Mississippi State

How will Mississippi States Montez Sweat fair in this year's draft?

Montez Sweat
Mississippi State
Class Year: Senior
DOB – 9/4/1996
Height – 6’5″ Weight – 240 lbs
Twitter: @_sweat9


Sweats timing is perfect, Sweat has a tremendous first step, and has no problem handling his opponent at the point of attack. He has great separation skills and usually wins at the line due to his power and length. His length and wingspan are fantastic when rushing the passer and defending the run. Sweat plays with great hand technique, and possess a variety of pass rush moves to get to the quarterback. Sweat plays with great violence in his hands and is able to control lineman at the point of attack.


Sweat lacks ideal flexibility in his lower half and plays extremely tight for an every-down edge rusher. His lack of flexibility limits his bend around the edge. He struggles to get small through gaps and is not good when working in space. These are things he can improve as he grows into an every-down NFL defensive end.


Image result for montez sweat gif

Montez Sweat #9 rushes from the left edge, gets around opponent and nails the QB.

Overall Review:

Montez Sweat plays better with his hands in the dirt instead of in space, he can get lost when on his own in space. While being limited athletically, Sweat makes up for it with his relentlessness and his technique when rushing the passer and defending the run. Sweat plays with great power in his upper body and hands which makes him a prime base defensive end candidate in today’s NFL. He would suit a 4-3 defense better than a 3-4. Still a great player and will go high in this year’s draft.

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