LB Bobby Okereke NFL Draft Profile – Stanford

After a great Senior Bowl, how far will Bobby Okereke's stock rise?

Class Year: RS Senior
Height – 6’2″
Weight – 235 lbs
Twitter: @BobbyOkereke


Okereke is a smart player. He has the footballing IQ to make it work in the NFL. He is competitive, plays hard and is a tough kid. He is aware of what is happening around him and can change on the run if needed. He knows how to play the position.


There are a lot. He isn’t instinctive, can lose sight of the ball and sometimes looks out of place. He misses tackles at will and blocks too high. He is slow of the mark and seems to play out of control at times. Small for his position.


Image result for bobby okereke stanford gif

Bobby Okereke #20, gets through the line and makes a good tackle.

Pro Comparison:

Malik Jefferson

Overall Review:

He showed little improvement in his time with Stanford. This is a huge fall back for him. He showed enough class in the Senior Bowl to be on the radar, but would probably suit special teams play in the NFL.

YouTube Highlights:



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