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S Sheldrick Redwine NFL Draft Profile – Miami

Sheldrick Redwine
DOB – NOV 06 1996
Height – 6’1″ Weight – 205 lbs


Sheldrick Redwine plays with tremendous instincts with the play developing in front of him. Consistently reads the quarterback/receivers keys in order to break on the football and break up passes. Consistently baits quarterbacks into throwing his way, and normally finishes the play when the ball does come his way. Works through trash well using his vision to get to the ball carrier while avoiding blockers. Wraps up extremely well, and rarely ever missed tackles when given the opportunity. Showcased good speed when chasing down ball carriers in the open field. Plays with a relentless effort when running to the football. Comes downhill with some fire, and isn’t afraid to lay the boom on ball carriers. A former cornerback that does well when asked to cover wide receivers and/or tight ends. Ball production in his final year at Miami was very intriguing. Was a special teams ace at Miami, and loves contributing on that side of the ball.


Has less than ideal athletic ability in a short area. Struggles when he’s put in the phone booth to mirror shiftier ball carriers in the open field. Seemed to play much more comfortable with the play in front of him, than with his back to the football. Can be a bit too aggressive when coming downhill to play the run, and the lack of athletic ability limits his ability to recover. Struggled at times to shed blockers when they were able to get there hands on him.


Overall Review:

Sheldrick Redwine can immediately come in and help 32 teams on special teams, while also serving as a versatile safety that can lineup anywhere in any scheme. Redwine has the experience playing single-high, in the box, nickel corner, and boundary corner at Miami which will go a long way in NFL evaluators eyes. Redwine is one of the better tackling safeties in the 2019 class due to his wrap up technique. Sheldrick Redwine will make a team very happy in the mid rounds due to his ability to be a key contributor on special teams, and serve as a versatile defensive back in any defensive scheme.

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